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Book Reviews

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Shown below are a selection of comments people have already made about the book.

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Selection of Recent reviews

"Gadgets to God was a truly wonderful book.  I found it to be an interesting and compelling read and at times found it quite hard to put down!  It is unique and I would highly recommend this inspiring book as a 'must have' for anyone interested in gadgets and digital technology".  

Sarah Barclay


Barclay Media Ltd

David's insights are open-minded and incisive and his style of self-explanation is endearing.

Davina Jackson

Managing Editor dcities

Sydney, Australia

I highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a wonderful read!

Edita Kaye
Founder, Association of Virtual Worlds
Florida, USA

“I could not put it down! I love it, it's quite a curved ball as I didn’t expect quite such smorgasbord of interesting anecdotes and IT history. The book is quite unique and very enjoyable. To me it's also a valuable record of a pivotal time - beautifully captured with an endearing gaucheness and emotion that can not fail to touch the reader.”

Sally Ann Moore
International Conference Director

Groisy, France

“I loved this book. It is a nostalgic look back at the rise of the machine and a peek into the digital future, tempered with warm and funny anecdotes from the authors life and idyllic childhood. It made me laugh out loud several times whilst giving me insight and understanding of the evolution of the digital technology we all take for granted.”

Jacqueline Cawston

Programmes Director, Serious Games Institute

Coventry, UK

“Fantastic, fun, amazing, entertaining, interesting, instructive, and and and!!!!!!!”

Lucia Pannese

MD, Imaginary Serious Games Developer

Milan, Italy

It is simple and fun reading this book.....but it also leads us to reflect deeply about the benefits and the future of the technology.
I highly recommend reading "Gadgets to God"!!

Julio Alcolado Santos
Madrid, Spain

“I totally recommend "From Gadgets to God", it is the story of a man who has lived through exponential, life changing advances in technology and has embraced the new and unknown with boundless energy and curiosity. The book isn’t just a fascinating read about the potential of technology, but is also a window into the ups and downs of a human life and you can’t help but be warmed by David’s humour, passion and joie de vivre.”

Vicky Rose

“An unusual gem of a book, written with a highly engaging, good-humoured style and packed with personal anecdotes. And it’s the people, incidents, situations and calamities which David uses so effectively as a framework to describe the rich tale of the technologies that have shaped and influenced his life and ours so dramatically over the past 60 years. The book works well on several levels: for some it will be a shared nostalgic trip, reminding me of the little joys and privations I had long since forgotten, but for Generation X it provides a stark reminder that, yes, there actually was life before the internet and the iPad. For everyone else it should simply be a very enjoyable read.”

Tim Neill
Managing Director
Brighton, UK

“Gadgets to God is a lucid, simple and understandable practical guide which inspires thoughts and ideas on the history and development of Information Technology as well as the pros and cons of these changes in technology and their impact on business and society.”

Roger Haw
Chairman cum Founder of Ansted Social Responsibility International Award (ASRIA)
Penang, Malaysia

“Gadgets to God – Reflecting on our changing relationship with technology is really a wonderful piece of work”

Prof. Dr Changlin Wang,
Executive Director, International Society for Digital Earth,
Beijing, China

“David Wortley’s new book, Gadgets to God, is very interesting, informative, and thought- provoking…..  This publication takes its readers on a unique journey through fifty years of special gadgets and technologies that have changed the way we live, work, and play.  …… “

Dana M Barry
Clarkson University

New York, USA

“Have just finished reading Gadgets to God. I really enjoyed it and found it very enlightening. I especially liked the chapters about family life. It is a very well written book.”

Gail Edenbrow

Calpe, Spain